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01 July 2008 @ 09:47 am
Title        : Fate isn’t always good
Author    : shigeakko
Pairing  : Ueda x Shige (ShigeDa), KoyaTo, JinDa
Genre    : romance, angst, fluff (dun no)
Rating   : PG-13

.:chapter 1:.

“hime! Let’s go to the lobby!” said Koyama happily
“Huh? For what?” asked the older
“My friend wants to see you...”
“Your friend? Who?”
“Shigeaki Kato, my band mate” explained the younger
“oh..the one that always beside you right?” teased Ueda and he laugh
“shut up!” Koyama’s face start bushing
“haha..okay..okay..fine..let’s meet him”

At the lobby, there was a good-looking-young-boy sat beside the receptionist’s desk. That boy waved his hand at Koyama and Koyama replied.

“nee,,who’s that girl?” asked the good-looking-young-boy
“huh? Girl? Who?” asked Koyama
“the girl beside you!” he pointed at Ueda
“m…me?? G..girl??” Ueda pointed himself and put a confused face
“mbuahahaha!!! Are you half sleeping, Shige?!! He’s the leader of KAT-TUN, you idiot! The person that you admire so much!” explained the older one while he can’t stop laughing
“w..what??!! h..he’s Tatsuya Ueda??!! I...I’m sorry!! I only saw him on the TV!! I never met him face-to-face like this before!! H..he’s cute..he’s cuter than on the TV!!” Shige’s face blushing wildly

Ueda‘s face start bushing. People usually mistake Ueda as a girl, his band mates also usually mistaken. But he never met such-an-idiot-who-mistaken –his-admire-as- a-girl before.

“ne..hime, this is Shigeaki Kato my band mate and Shige, this is Ueda Tatsuya” Koyama introduce each other.
“call me Ueda..and remember, don’t you ever mistaken me as a girl AGAIN!!!” said the oldest angrily
“gomen,,Ueda” apology the youngest
“okay guys, stop fighting!! Let’s go eating!! I’m starving!!” said Koyama while he pulled Shige and Ueda out from the lobby

2 months past after Ueda and Shige’s first met. Theirs relationship grew bigger and bigger. When they have a free time, they usually had date. Shige always called Ueda before he sleep just to say ‘good night’ or ‘have a nice dream’. Ueda always felt save beside Shige, he love the way Shige called him, the way Shige smiled to him, Ueda love everything about Shige now. But, Shige didn’t realize that he start ignore Koyama, Shige is always busy with Ueda and it made Koyama angry

One day, Koyama visited Ueda in the older’s apartment without asking Ueda’s permission. Koyama knocked the door, not long after he knocked the door, he heard foot steps then Ueda unlocked and open the door.

“k..Koyama, what’s up? You surprised me!” greet the older
“you’re pretty..that’s why Shige ignore me” Koyama whispered
“excuse me? Sorry, I didn’t hear”

Koyama’s eyes glistening with tears, but he didn’t want to cry, he hold his tears as long as he can.

“you…you..WHY YOU ALWAYS STOLE MINE??!” Koyama can hold his anger
“what do you mean??! I don’t understand!!” Ueda gave the younger a confused look.
“I LOVE HIM!! I love Shigeaki Kato!! He’s the one who I love! I never love anyone like this before!!”

the older one can’t reply the younger one argument.

“how dare you stole him from me!! I...I really hate you!”

Koyama slapped Ueda on his cheek and leave Ueda alone.

Koyama, who still angry with Ueda drove his car to Shige’s apartment fastly, as fast as he can, He wanted to confess his felling to Shige. When he arrived at Shige’s apartment’s parking lot, he straight went to Shige’s. He knocked the door, but no answer. He knocked the door hardly and he heard Shige
 Foot steps, then the younger opened the door

“I’m sorry for waiting!” apology the younger and bow
“you don’t need to bow, Shige”
“nee, Koyama..why you don’t call me first before you come to my place!”
“gomen, gomen, are you very busy?”
“no, not really..well I’m trying to call Ueda but he didn’t answer..do you know why?”

Shige who didn’t know Koyama’s felling, made Koyama jealous. Koyama’s tears like want to fall but he hold it, he didn’t want to show his weak side in front of Shige, but he cant hold his tears anymore so he let his tears fall.

“k..Koyama! What’s wrong?” asked the younger panic
“Shige, why are you so idiot??!!”
“huh? Pardon”
“why I fallen in love with such a idiot?!”
“Koyama? “
“I love you, idiot!”

Suddenly Koyama hugged Shige, Koyama didn’t want his precious Shige leave him. Shige’s face blushed because he never taught his best friend would love him

Meanwhile, Ueda still shock. He never thought that he’ll fall in love with his best friend’s lover. His tears fallen like a water fall. He needs a friend who can solve his problem, no..not Koyama. He went to his bedroom lazily and looked at his phone.

“four miscall from Shige, shit!’

He threw his phone and himself to his bad. He closed his eyes.

“what am I suppose to do now?” whispered Ueda sadly. He wanted to cry more, but he can’t. he remembered something. He quickly picked his phone and dialed a number.

“moshi moshi”
“Bakanishi…I...I need you right now…I’m freaking need someone beside me...” said the older by hold his tears

The one that Ueda called is Akanishi Jin, his band mate, he also known as the ‘A’ of KAT-TUN.

“huh? Did I make a mistake? Am I made you angry?” asked jin
“you really, really fool, bakanishi! You didn’t make any mistake, idiot! Just go to my apartment! NOW!”

the older hung up, turned his phone silent and he threw his phone to the edge of his bed. Ueda didn’t know he should angry or sad with jin’s bakaness. Not long after Ueda called Jin, his door bell rang.

“He’s freaking fast “Ueda thought

 “Jin? You’re freaking fast!” said the older while he opened the door
“sorry, I’m not Jin”

Ueda surprised because the one that come to his place is not Jin, but Shige.

“s…Shige..why are you here?”
“who’s Jin?” asked Shige
“none of your business!” Ueda answer with a cold tone.
“it’s my business! I love you!”
“what?!” Ueda very surprised and finally he knew why Koyama angry
‘Koyama have told me everything, he slapped you right? Is it hurt?”

Shige put his hand on Ueda’s cheek and made Ueda’s face blushed.

“don’t touch me!” said the older
“I said don’t touch me! I hate you! Please don’t call me again! I don’t want to meet you again!”

Actually, Ueda wanted to confess his felling to Shige, but he knew if he does, it’ll make a scar between Ueda and Koyama.

“Tatchan!” called Jin, both didn’t realize that Jin have arrived
“Jin, when did you arrive?” greet the oldest
“Who’s that guy?” asked Shige and gave Ueda a confused look
“I said none of your business!” scolded Ueda
“Ueda! I love you! I really really love you!” Shige tried to confess his felling again
“I hate you! Remember that!”

Then, Ueda pulled Jin in side his apartment and locked the door

“don’t you dare to come again!”
“Ueda! Shit!” Shige kicked the door and leave Ueda’s apartment

In the apartment, Jin took a seat beside Ueda, and saw the eldest’s tears want to fall

“what happened? You look like want to cry” asked Jin softly
“n..nothing…I just..I just”

Ueda can’t hold his tears anymore. His tears falling on his soft cheek and made Jin want to hug him.

“I just..really shock..”
 “shock? For what? Does anything bother you?”

Ueda didn’t answer the younger question. Suddenly, Jin hugged Ueda.

“Jin?” Ueda aghast, he tried to break Jin’s hug but Ueda is too weak when he cried
“bakanishi…please, let me go..or I shout and the police will arrest you!”
“I’m not that stupid Tatchan, now, please tell me what happened?”
“I can’t tell you, you are just my band mate so I didn’t have to tell you”

Jin hugged Ueda more tightly and made Ueda’s face blushing

“I’ll lend you my chest so please, tell me your problem”

Ueda gave a simple smile to Jin and start to cry. Ueda hugged Jin tightly and his fingers started pressing on Jin’s back but Jin didn’t mind.

Minutes past quickly, Ueda felt sleepy and fall as sleep, he sleep on Jin’s chest.

“you really have an innocent face while sleeping” said Jin and his face blushed

His carry Ueda into the older’s bedroom and put him carefully on Ueda’s bed

“oyasumi..Tatchan..” and the younger kissed Ueda on the forehead


a/n: this is my first fanfic so,,please forgive my grammar and my english too lol
Current Location: beside ueda >///<
Current Mood: apatheticapathetic
Current Music: mother/father - kat-tun
(Deleted comment)
NinomiyakazUedatatShigeAI: kawaaishigeakko on July 3rd, 2008 03:24 am (UTC)
apa??!! knapa??!! ada apa??!
(Deleted comment)
NinomiyakazUedatatShigeAIshigeakko on July 3rd, 2008 06:52 am (UTC)
he? wokeeeh!!

emg ff lw pairingnya spa?
dephi: pic#75124449dephi on July 3rd, 2008 06:13 am (UTC)
This looks promising~~
But well, it's just my feeling maybe..
You're a bit rushing the plot at the beginning right? Maybe you need more 'describtion'? Well.. That's just my opinion..XP

As for the grammar, yeah there're quite some mistakes *even though I'm not good at English but I'm a fanfics writer too and have a beta reader so I understand it a bit*

Umm, maybe a suggestion, more consistent on using tenses and re-check the typos *typing errors I mean*..
I found some such as bushing, you missed 'l' there.
teased Ueda and he laugh shoud be 'laughed'.

Also pay more attention to the capitalizations and punctuations..^^

Are you Indonesian?
*judging from your comment at newssuki at ryoda_love*

NinomiyakazUedatatShigeAIshigeakko on July 3rd, 2008 06:50 am (UTC)
thx for reading(n ur correction too)!!

well, actually, i'm too lazy to correcting lol

yeah,,i'm ndonesian,,what bout u?
dephi: pic#74678866dephi on July 3rd, 2008 08:08 am (UTC)
Yeah, me too~~
I can see that because you have quite some typos..XP
I found others too actually, but the main points has been stated in the previous comment I think.. Ahahaha...XP

*I usually depend on my beta reader on correcting my mistakes*
NinomiyakazUedatatShigeAIshigeakko on July 3rd, 2008 09:18 am (UTC)
lol,,my friends called me typomaster

why we still talking in english?

emg d lj bnyk org indo ya?? *baru nyadar*
dephidephi on July 3rd, 2008 10:03 am (UTC)
Kebiasaan aku~
Anak mana nich? maksudku kota nya? Aku Surabaya..^^

Di LJ banyak juga kok. Aku taunya anak Kanes banyak yang punya. Harusnya anak2 forum laen juga pada punya kan? Di f-list ku yang anak Indonesia mayan banyak koq~
NinomiyakazUedatatShigeAIshigeakko on July 3rd, 2008 11:38 am (UTC)
kotanya? di jakarta,,klo aku ikutnya forum Ai sih,,cman ga taw spa ja yg punya LJ hehehe,,

oooooo,,,aku msh baru bgt sih d LJ,,msh blom ngerti TT TT
masa ganti banner ja ga bs

*liat LJ dephi* ank kuliahan yaa? aku msh smp *mojok* oTL
dephi: pic#74678866dephi on July 3rd, 2008 01:19 pm (UTC)
Dah kuliah aku~~
Pake code code itu~
Ga papa lagi..
SMP wahh~~
Lebih kecil dari dd ku~~
NinomiyakazUedatatShigeAI: kawaaishigeakko on July 4th, 2008 05:57 am (UTC)
code code? tetep ga ngerti
ajarin dong,,onegaaai *puppy eyes*

kakak~ *lari d padang bunga slowmotion abal*
dephidephi on July 4th, 2008 08:41 am (UTC)
Wah,dephi ya ga brapa ngerti itu juga,kapanan juga dibuatin sama temen. Gomen..^^"
Gini aja,kamu ada msn ato ym g? add punya aku aja,ntar klo waktu onlen barengan kukenalin aja ama temenku..^^
lj nya noichi_desu
NinomiyakazUedatatShigeAIshigeakko on July 4th, 2008 12:39 pm (UTC)
weleh..msn to ym? punya 2-2ny kok,,cman yg msnny lgi rusak, ga taw knapa..
add aku ja yah..msn-->lidi_punya_msn@hot ym-->miawsh44 gmail-->lidya.ki@gma plasa-->lidyampun apa lgi yah?

yg noichi tu indo juga?